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Fee Waiver Form

Somerville Parks and Recreation Fee Waiver Program Application
Please read the following Somerville Parks and Recreation Waived Fees Program information.
To apply for a fee waiver, please fill out the application below.

Most Somerville Parks and Recreation programs, classes, and activities require a registration fee to help cover program costs. The city offers waived fees to make these programs available and affordable for all Somerville residents.


To be eligible for a Parks and Recreation fee waiver, applicants must:

1.Have household income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

2.Submit a completed application (one for the household, for up to 4 participating children).The City of Somerville Parks and Recreation Department determines the eligibility of an applicant to receive a fee waiver based on the information provided by the applicant on this form.

If Parks and Recreation waives a fee, the recipients must:

1.Regularly attend classes. Parks and Recreation may revoke a fee waiver if recipients are absent for the equivalent of 25% of the program. For example, if a recipient misses 10 hours of a 40-hour program, Parks and Recreation may revoke their fee waiver for the current program and future programs.

2.Contact the Program Developer if the recipient is not able to regularly attend a class. The City of Somerville may review a recipient’s past fee waiver usage, attendance, and compliance with fee waiver policies to determine if a household is eligible for the program.

3.Confirm the fee waiver is approved before registering or attending Parks and Recreation programs. If an applicant attends or registers for a class before their fee waiver application is approved, they will be responsible for paying for program fees. Parks and Recreation will not issue a refund or credit.

1.Submit your complete application at least two weeks (10 business days) before a program registration deadline. The Parks and Recreation Department may ask for proof of income.

2.Please use one application form to apply for a fee waiver for up to 4 children in your household who want to participate in a Parks and Recreation class or activity. If awarded, a fee waiver will apply to all children listed on the form who will be registered for a class or activity.

3.Households may apply for a fee waiver once every three months.

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