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Equipment Use Policy

Parks and Recreation Equipment Use Policy

I.                Introduction

A.    Purpose

To ensure accountability for the use of parks and recreation equipment by interested league vendors.

B.     Objective

In order to facilitate opportunities for youth leagues in Somerville to be successful, the Parks and Recreation Department will have available equipment for leagues serving youth to rent.  The Parks and Recreation Department on occasion will have access to equipment such as but not limited to: soccer balls, footballs, baseball/softballs, bats, gloves, hockey sticks, sporting protective gear, uniforms, pennies, etc. This may also include the use of imagination blocks or other such objects use for recreational purposes.


II.              Overview

A.    Department Philosophy

The Parks and Recreation Department wants all Somerville youth participants to be able to engage in recreational activities regardless of the ability to afford the required gear. Some leagues may need assistance providing appropriate gear to participants due to their limited resources.  In such circumstances, the Parks and Recreation Department will rent out applicable gear for the leagues to use during their prospective seasons.

B.     Considerations

The rental of identified sporting gear is reserved only for Somerville youth leagues. It is the expectation that the items will be returned after use. An equipment log will be recorded for each item rented.


III.            Definitions

Equipment rental for the purposes of this policy is any equipment that can be used in the facilitation or participation in a specified activity.