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Concussion Policy for Youth

City of Somerville Parks and Recreation Department Concussion Policy for Youth Athletes 
I. Introduction
A. Purpose
Concussions Are Serious. Medical providers may describe a concussion as a "mild" brain injury because concussions are usually not life-threatening. Even so, the effects of a concussion can be serious.

This policy provides guidelines for the prevention and management of sports-related head injuries. It shall apply to youth athletes who sustain head injuries or concussions while participating in Somerville Parks and Recreation Department (Department) sports programs and/or programs held at fields and/or facilities permitted by or supported by the Department.
B. Objective
The objective of this policy is to protect the physical and mental health of our youth athletes through the prevention and management of head injuries sustained during participation in organized youth sports. This objective will be achieved by educating the general public and youth leagues on how to prevent sports-related concussions, recognize the signs of concussions, report concussions appropriately, and determine when a participant is ready to return to play.

For a complete description of policy see below under Forms.